Types Of Car Washing

Want how to keep your car exterior clean? Confused by different types of car wash available? Learn from us; we have just the right descriptions about every type of car wash available.

There are four basic types of car wash to choose from. We explain the all one by one.

1) Self Service Car Wash System
If you freak out at the ides of anyone else touching your car, then this system is designed just for you. This is generally coin-operated, where the customer does the washing. The package not only includes soap, rinse, and wax functions but also foaming brush, whitewall tire cleaner, presoak system, 5HP/60 Gallon air compressor, and air pumps. Some of the benefits which this system ensures are that your operation remains unattended and it is the cheapest of all. Don’t think that you’ll have to work hard. The System is designed such that minimal labor is required.

2) In-Bay Automatic Car Wash Systems
These systems offer a comprehensive exterior wash cycle. You can select a wash from a series of options ranging from Basic to Deluxe. The car is washed by moving the washing equipment around it. It is ensured that the vehicle remains stationary in the wash bay, so that risk of vehicle damage is eliminated. Usually the payment is also unmanned and is done by cash or credit card. This system has a faster throughput as compared to the Self Service Car Wash System.

3) Tunnel Car Wash Systems
This comprehensive wash cycle is achieved by moving the vehicle through a series of cleaning process inside a long tunnel or building. a conveyor, mounted below the ground pulls the car inside the tunnel. The tunnel has a series of fixed cleaning mechanisms. Some tunnel car wash systems also offer interior cleaning along with the exterior. You can pay either by cash or credit. This system is more comprehensive and thus more expensive than both, the Self Service System or the In-Bay Automatic System.

Whichever system you choose according to your car and budget often you will be offered either free or at very nominal prices, specialized car vacuum cleaners that allow customers to clean the interior of their cars.
So choose wisely and enjoy a superstar-like clean car.

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