Why To Choose Amex Credit Cards

About 6 percent of Australian population is using credit cards. One great reason for that is credit cards work as a convenient to improve purchase ability of an individual.
At present, there are several cards to choose from. Though, there is one credit card company that has been in the business since time immemorial. American Express is considered as the credit card that has been used the longest and the oldest in the entire world. Its been a business leader since 1850. American Express employs more than seventy eight thousand employees. If youre considering to get one, first try to check out what American Express has to offer.
Credit cards, specifically American Express cards are widely known for offering unparalleled customer service to its clients. American Express cards provide quick purchasing power and exceptional benefits to all its users. Having an Amex card depends on what you want, what you need and what your lifestyle is.
The following are the varying Amex card that suits every preference.
1)Blue Amex credit card application: This specific American Express card has bill automatic payments. It also provides alerts on your account. You can even earn yourself some points and redeem it as well while using it for your own purchases.
2)The green Amex credit card application: This specific Amex card has a spending limit that is not pre-set. This green one also has bill payment that is automatic as well as alerts for your own account. In this way this is Similar to the blue Amex card.
You will also be able to manage your own account through the internet, online.
3)The gold Amax credit card application: This specific Amex gold credit card application has more features compared to the other Amex credit card applications. Purchases charged in this card are protected. Also, the card offers car rental insurance as well as fraud insurance protection and travel insurance. Their similarities to the other card applications are the following:
a)It does not have a spending limit.(pre-set)
b)It also allows you to gain points and redeem them for rewards.
c)The add-ons are the travel benefits and entertainment incentives.
4)The platinum Amex credit card application: This credit card also has a spending limit that is not pre-set. Platinum Amex credit offers exclusive service in terms of travel such as limousine and private jet service, insurance for any damage incurred during travel, loss of car rental, or any accident. Amex credit card also provides you with the insurance for baggage and roadside assistance.
The bottom line is credit card applications vary from company to company. You need to find the one that suits your particular needs, wants and way of life.

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